About Rserving®, Professional Server Certification Corp.

Rserving®, an acronym for Responsible Serving®, is a registered trademark of the Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC).

Rserving® takes pride in providing businesses of all sizes with a low-cost quality solution to acquire the necessary compliance training in California.

Reasons to trust Rserving®

  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • longstanding history of providing high-quality education and compliance training for the hospitality industry
  • staff consists of food & beverage service industry experts as well as technical support personnel
  • support staff available to help you 12 hours a day
  • approved by state agencies & follows state-specific guidelines for compliance training courses
  • works with large beverage producers
  • experience accommodating businesses of all sizes as well as individual's training needs
  • approved by insurance companies