California Bartender License Online Training & Certification
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California Bartender License
California Bartender License Information: - Responsible alcohol server training ensures that ...

California Bartender License Information

Workplace Harassment Prevention Online Training & Certification
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Workplace Harassment Prevention

Get Sexual harassment prevention / workplace harassment prevention training online from Rserving. -

Workplace Harassment Prevention Information

Bartender Mixology Online Training & Certification
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Bartender Mixology
Learn to become a professional bartender and master the art of mixology with the bartender certification course. (40 hours).  Course contains text, audio, images, flashcards, videos, online quizzes ...

Bartender Mixology Information

Food Safety for Handlers Online Training & Certification
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Food Safety for Handlers
The Food Safety for Handlers Course will teach you all you need to know for safely handling, preparing and serving food. You will learn all the key techniques for food ...

Food Safety for Handlers Information

Responsible Serving® of Tobacco Online Training & Certification
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Responsible Serving® of Tobacco
The Rserving Tobacco Course teaches you techniques and knowledge in order to sell tobacco products responsibly. This course will teach you how to check for IDs, follow federal laws and ...

Responsible Serving® of Tobacco Information